Payment & Dispatch

Dear customers, 
Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, we sadly have now new and much higher prices for shipping to some countries (USA, Australia, New-Zealand and many countries in South America)...please see those prices listed below...
We hope we can go back to the former prices as soon as COVID-19 restrictions for those countries are over again. 
Please keep this in mind when you are placing an order.
Stay safe and healthy!

All prices are in Euro and include value added tax. The freight costs DO NOT INCLUDE import taxes or customs!

Shipping costs for

EUR 4,99

EUROPEAN UNION (EU) - registered&tracked:
until 0,5 kg = EUR 8,99
until 1,0 kg = EUR 12,99
until 2,0 kg = EUR 15,99
until 5,0 kg = EUR 19,99
until 10,0 kg = EUR 22,99
until 20,0 kg = EUR 34,99
until 31,5 kg = EUR 49,99

USA - registered&tracked:
until 1,0 kg = EUR 34,99
until 2,0 kg = EUR 41,99
until 5,0 kg = EUR 64,99
until 10,0 kg = EUR 98,99
until 20,0 kg = EUR 169,99
until 31,5 kg = EUR 249,99

until 1,0 kg = EUR 39,99
until 2,0 kg = EUR 49,99
until 5,0 kg = EUR 79,99
until 10,0 kg = EUR 124,99
until 20,0 kg = EUR 214,99
until 31,5 kg = EUR 299,99

until 0,5 kg = EUR 8,99
until 1,0 kg = EUR 13,99
until 2,0 kg = EUR 23,99
until 5,0 kg = EUR 39,99
until 10,0 kg = EUR 59,99
until 20,0 kg = EUR 79,99
until 31,5 kg = EUR 109,99

ATTENTION: In case there´s different pre-orders in one order, that are released on different release dates, so please have in mind, that we will ship all together when the latest release is available and can be shipped (example: in July you order one release that will be out in August and one release that will be out in September. Then we will ship all together in September).
In case you wish a delivery splitted in more shipments, please get in touch by email to ...we will make it happen.

AND: In case you ar in need of the tracking-number...PLEASE mail us to and ask for it...we sadly don´t have the option to send the tracking automatically. THANX!

We usually pack your order within 1-3 days upon receipt of payment. On top of that, it will take another couple of days to deliver the goods to your address, depending on country of delivery and custom regulations. Nevertheless it should not take more than 3-14 days for the postal service to deliver the package. The postal service will deliver it to the delivery address, if the attempt of delivery fails, your package will be taken to a near-by post office waiting there for approximately a week to be picked up.

When sending goods to a destination outside the European Union we always have to include an invoice or proforma invoice in the shipment for custom reasons. Please keep this in mind when invoice and delivery addresses differ, e.g. when sending a gift to somebody.

Special information for US and oversea customers: Please keep in mind that due to oversea shipment and special US custom regulations it can take up to 14 days until the goods arrive.

It is absolutely necessary to provide us with your telephone number or a valid e-mail address, so that we may contact you if there are problems with your order.

Our customer service: +49 40 675 09 788 - 422
Email address:

Service hours from Monday - Friday from 10 am until 4 pm (CET).