CLIF MAGNESS - Lucky Dog - CD Jewelcase

CLIF MAGNESS - Lucky Dog - CD Jewelcase
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CLIF MAGNESS - Lucky Dog - CD Jewelcase GENRE: Melodic Rock FOR FANS OF: Robin Beck, Michael... more
Product information "CLIF MAGNESS - Lucky Dog - CD Jewelcase"

CLIF MAGNESS - Lucky Dog - CD Jewelcase
GENRE: Melodic Rock
FOR FANS OF: Robin Beck, Michael Thompson Band, James Christian, TOTO, Steve Perry, Journey, Def Leppard

In the early '90s, melodic rock had more or less left the mainstream and become an underground affair championed by a group of small indie labels in Europe. But, in 1994 one spectacular release appeared on the scene from a singer/songwriter named CLIF MAGNESS, entitled “Solo” that managed to collect truly rave reviews from all over the world (yes, even in a time when melodic rock was considered dead and gone).

But who is CLIF MAGNESS? Well, he certainly needs no introduction for music fanatics who have devoted much of their time over the years to reading the credits in album liners. By the time the "Solo" record came out, he already made a name for himself co-writing and producing a #1 hit with Jack Wagner (“All I Need”), a top 5 hit for Wilson Phillips (“Impulsive”), and winning a Recording Academy / GRAMMYs for the song “The Places You Find Love” from Quincy Jones‘ critically acclaimed album, “Back On The Block.”
Just three years later, in 1993, Clif was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globes Award for the song “The Day I Fall In Love” from the film “Beethoven’s 2nd”, co-written with Carole Bayer Sager and James Ingram. Throughout the 1990s and into 2000, Clif continued to work with outstanding artists such as Céline Dion, Hanson, Steve Perry, Amy Grant, and Joe Bonamassa among others. Clif was also instrumental in developing perhaps the biggest breakout artist of 2003, Avril Lavigne. Being among the first writer/producers to work with Avril, Clif’s writing and production style became the benchmark for the album. Clif co-wrote and produced the fourth, much edgier, Avril Lavigne single “Losing Grip,” as well as five other tracks from her multi-platinum debut “Let Go.” Of course he has kept on working and creating some great and hugely successful music for many singers in the past few years, including Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and many others.
The exciting news for fans of Clif is that he is stepping back in to the melodic rock scene with a new solo record, which is being released on Frontiers Music Srl!
“After receiving numerous requests from fans all over the world, I am excited to announce that I’m teaming up with Frontiers and releasing a new solo album,” says Clif. “ Very cool to be working with Frontiers and after too long, on my own project. Years have passed since my last solo effort, but the truth is, I am, at the heart of things, a journeyman songwriter, and producer for others, and still am. But I have had an awesome time stepping out and putting together this record.“
Frontiers Music Srl is truly honored and excited to welcome such a huge talent to the label and firmly believes this will continue their unapproachable track record of bringing AOR fans music they are more than happy to hear. The new release will follow in the footsteps of “Solo”, with an updated production and sound befitting of the 21st century. The label anticipates releasing the record in early 2018.

1.    Ain’t No Way
2.    Don’t Look Now
3.    Unbroken
4.    Like You
5.    Love Needs A Heart
6.    Nobody But You
7.    Maybe
8.    Shout
9.    Rain
10.    All Over My Mind
11.    My Heart

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by: Clif Magness
Studio: Silverblue Studio   
Mastered by: Keith Blake




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