SUNBOMB - Evil And Divine - CD Jewelcase

SUNBOMB - Evil And Divine - CD Jewelcase
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  • FRCD_1112
  • 05/14/2021
  • 8024391111222
  • Sunbomb
  • Frontiers Music S.r..l.
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GENRE: Heavy Metal SUNBOMB is a highly anticipated new musical alliance between two steadfast... more
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GENRE: Heavy Metal

SUNBOMB is a highly anticipated new musical alliance between two steadfast warriors of the U.S. hard rock/metal scene, Tracii Guns and Michael Sweet. They have put together an absolute blinder of a heavy metal album, melding influences of classic metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest with Tracii's love of metal subgenres, specifically doom metal.
Tracii leaked the news of the new project in a March 2019 tweet, where he described the project's debut LP as "the Metal record I would have made when I was 17 years old.” In May 2020, he mentioned on "Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” that "The SUNBOMB record is really kind of like [L.A. GUNS' 2019 album] 'The Devil You Know' times three. It's more on the heavy side of 'The Devil You Know' album. And Michael Sweet, he's a really fantastic metal singer."
The music style on the record is much heavier than what one would expect from these two musicians and is firmly planted in the 'metal' category. While Tracii wrote the music for the album, the fact that Michael Sweet has been writing in an increasingly heavier style on latter era Stryper albums made him a very logical choice to sing for the band. And since doom metal, often known for having powerful singers like Messiah Marcolin from Candlemass and Eric Wagner from Trouble, was a massive influence on Tracii's songwriting here, Sweet's ability and range were a perfect match.
Drums on the album were handled by Tracii's old L.A. Guns bandmate Adam Hamilton and bass was handled by Mitch Davis, with the exception of the track 'They Fought', which features current L.A. Guns bassist Johnny Martin.
This release is a project created, overseen and directed by Serafino Perugino President and A&R director of Frontiers Records.

1.    Life
2.    Take Me Away
3.    Better End
4.    No Tomorrows
5.    Born To Win
6.    Evil And Divine
7.    Been Said And Done
8.    Stronger Than Before
9.    Story Of The Blind
10.    World Gone Wrong
11.    They Fought

Tracii Guns - Guitars
Michael Sweet - Vocals
Adam Hamilton - Drums
Mitch Davis - Bass
Johnny Martin - Bass (We Fought)

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